There are several plant-related companies such as tree removal Charlotte NC, and landscaping services, as well as other agricultural services that may be successful in the market and customer service, but doing business in growing Wasabi might not be an easy task.  

Wasabi, a native plant in Japan, has been used in medicine, cuisine, and others because of its properties and unique taste. Although it is very popular that imitations have begun popping out in the market, this plant is scarce due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to plant and grow. The plant is very critical when it comes to its environment and does not survive in an unsuitable climate. Also, it is very prone to plants diseases and takes time to grow and fully mature.  

If you think you have the appropriate environment, this guide will help you grow your Wasabi:  

1.Provide a good environment 

The plant will never grow in a place without proper humidity, temperature, and moisture content in the area. It needs two years to fully and mature and is very susceptible to different diseases and plant illnesses. 

Take the following advice: 

Make sure that the place is between 45-75 degrees Fahrenheit 

It is ideal to have a green room or a greenhouse 

The temperature needs to be stable 

The pH needs to be balanced between six and seven.  

The place or area should not be hit directly by sunlight 

2.Plant the seeds after preparations 

Before planting the seeds, make sure that the soil is fertile, and shaded. Take the following advice: 

Dip the seeds in the water for considerable amount of time before putting them into the soil 

Plant the seeds after two days of getting them from their source 

Provide three inches of space in between seeds 

Provide some fertilizers immediately after the soil is well-drained.  

Plant the seeds in the fall.  

  1. Get the necessary equipment

Have the following equipment: 

  • Fertiliser that is rich in sulfur 
  • Healthy wasabi seeds 
  • Greenhouse  
  • Tarp 
  • Distilled water 
  • Shovel and roto-tiller

Tips for taking care of your wasabi plants: 

Immediately apply fertilizers – fertilize the plant with a sulfur-rich fertilizer to help the plant to grow. Also, it is important to keep the pH level at check 

Remove weeds – do no let the weeds infest your soil. Remove them as quickly as possible.  

Be patient – since the plant needs at least two years to mature, have some patience waiting.  

Tips to take care of your wasabi root: 

Remove the wilted stems or leaves on the plants 

Apply 12-12-12 fertilizers after every quarter of the year. Make sure the soil and fertilizer is rich in sulfur.  

Tips in Harvesting the plant: 

The plants will self-seed so do not remove them on your own effort 

Ensure that the rhizomes are neat and clean and preserve it in a cooler environment 

Do not cut the rhizome as this might lose the plant’s aroma. Instead, reuse it by storing it in a frozen place.  

In this article, we gave you some basics on how to effectively grow your own wasabi plants. Follow all the instructions and advice we gave you in order to have a higher chance of growing the plant.